5.5″ DIAMETER MOTOR (DOUBLE SHAFT) 1/6,1/8,1/10 208/230CW/ CCW

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Weight 10 lbs
Cross Reference

048A1101773, 07779800000186, 111, 123684, 125, 143, 2415457000, 3133, 321P252, 323P116, 323P280, 3552, 3652, 3656, 3906, 3912, 3M017, 3M076, 3M302, 3M376, 3M421, 3M425, 3M512, 3M595, 3M621, 3M669, 3M693, 3M784, 3M902, 3M914, 3M937, 45B864019, 4M029, 55B722018, 55B722019, 56B622019, 56B622029, 5KCP296K953T, 5KCP29DK224, 5KCP39CCB005, 5KCP39CG1062, 5KCP39CG133T, 5KCP39CG1605, 5KCP39CG1973, 5KCP39CG3026, 5KCP39CG3208, 5KCP39CG3293, 5KCP39CG3371, 5KCP39CG3418, 5KCP39CG3470, 5KCP39CG3779, 5KCP39CG3899, 5KCP39CG3900, 5KCP39CG5193, 5KCP39CG5476, 5KCP39CG5478, 5KCP39CG5496, 5KCP39CG5497, 5KCP39CG5593, 5KCP39CG5630, 5KCP39CG5815, 5KCP39CG5827, 5KCP39CG5911, 5KCP39CG5990, 5KCP39CG7129, 5KCP39CG7234, 5KCP39CG7342, 5KCP39CG7349, 5KCP39CG7364, 5KCP39CG7365, 5KCP39CG7366, 5KCP39CG7491, 5KCP39CG7622, 5KCP39CG7663, 5KCP39CG7702, 5KCP39CG7787, 5KCP39CG7823, 5KCP39CG7880, 5KCP39CG7881, 5KCP39CG9218, 5KCP39CG9999, 5KCP39CGA100, 5KCP39CGA402, 5KCP39CGA676, 5KCP39CGA677, 5KCP39CGB005, 5KCP39CGB163, 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Body Length

Frame Size

Shaft Size





Item UPC/SCC Width Height Depth Weight Sell Units Per
Unit 00010
Master Case
HS Code Country Of Origin NAFTA Preference Criterion NAFTA Producer Index