5.5″ DIAMETER MOTOR (DOUBLE SHAFT) 1/3,1/4,1/6 208/230CW/ CCW

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Weight 13 lbs
Cross Reference

07779800000154, 10252, 119, 120, 161, 169, 2408675000, 2416414000, 2418409003, 2422502000, 3017, 3074, 3091, 3108, 321P120, 321P163, 321P274, 321P292, 321P373, 321P376, 321P434, 321P815, 323P098, 323P118, 323P193, 323P284, 323P505, 350A103H14, 350A802H02, 3682, 3910, 395P954, 395P955, 396P011, 396P013, 3M048, 3M309, 3M378, 3M422, 3M427, 3M514, 3M671, 3M685, 3M695, 3M761, 3M787, 3M917, 3M940, 3M941, 440, 48A110656, 4M135, 4M166, 5KCP33MG, 5KCP33MG723AS, 5KCP36GG157, 5KCP36KG105, 5KCP36KG112, 5KCP36KG114, 5KCP36KG115, 5KCP36KG117, 5KCP36KG187, 5KCP36KG239, 5KCP36KG317, 5KCP36MG13, 5KCP37MG104, 5KCP37MG109, 5KCP37MG118, 5KCP37MG120, 5KCP37MG121, 5KCP37MG125, 5KCP37MG129, 5KCP37MG133, 5KCP37MG135, 5KCP37MG136, 5KCP37MG145, 5KCP37MG146, 5KCP37MG204, 5KCP37MG215, 5KCP37MG228, 5KCP37MG234, 5KCP37MG285, 5KCP39CG1451, 5KCP39EGD256, 5KCP39FGD965, 5KCP39GG1646, 5KCP39GG1726, 5KCP39GG1815, 5KCP39GG3389, 5KCP39GG3754, 5KCP39GG5279, 5KCP39GG7307, 5KCP39GG7727, 5KCP39GG7727S, 5KCP39GG9062, 5KCP39GG9073, 5KCP39GG9693, 5KCP39GGA461, 5KCP39GGA740, 5KCP39GGA868, 5KCP39GGB286, 5KCP39GGD331, 5KCP39HG3817, 5KCP39HG3962, 5KCP39HG5622, 5KCP39HG5701, 5KCP39HG5702, 5KCP39HG7611, 5KCP39HG7948, 5KCP39HG9344, 5KCP39HG9530, 5KCP39HG9589, 5KCP39HG9672, 5KCP39HGA443, 5KCP39HGA696, 5KCP39HGG056, 5KCP39JG5831, 5KCP39JGD043, 5KCP39JGE043, 5KCP39JGE194, 5KCP39KG1144, 5KCP39KG1400, 5KCP39KG151, 5KCP39KG1823, 5KCP39KG3563, 5KCP39KG3612, 5KCP39KG3690, 5KCP39KG377, 5KCP39KG4450, 5KCP39KG5017, 5KCP39KG5031, 5KCP39KG5273, 5KCP39KG5321, 5KCP39KG5335, 5KCP39KG5336, 5KCP39KG5344, 5KCP39KG5345, 5KCP39KG5346, 5KCP39KG5372, 5KCP39KG5518, 5KCP39KG5549, 5KCP39KG5568, 5KCP39KG5616, 5KCP39KG5626, 5KCP39KG5816, 5KCP39KG7068, 5KCP39KG7107, 5KCP39KG7210, 5KCP39KG7300, 5KCP39KG7322, 5KCP39KG7989, 5KCP39KG9222, 5KCP39KG9471, 5KCP39KG9581, 5KCP39KG9589, 5KCP39KG9596, 5KCP39KG9815, 5KCP39KGA406, 5KCP39KGA451, 5KCP39KGB021, 5KCP39KGB277, 5KCP39KGB617, 5KCP39KGD255, 5KCP39KGD368, 5KCP39KGD571, 5KCP39KGG115, 5KCP39KGG171, 5KCP39KGG219, 5KCP39LGB160, 5KCP39MG1229, 5KCP39MG1370, 5KCP39MG173, 5KCP39MG1885, 5KCP39MG1891, 5KCP39MG1893, 5KCP39MG1962, 5KCP39MG1971, 5KCP39MG1974, 5KCP39MG3027, 5KCP39MG3033, 5KCP39MG3124, 5KCP39MG3245, 5KCP39MG3520, 5KCP39MG3539, 5KCP39MG3566, 5KCP39MG3631, 5KCP39MG3799, 5KCP39MG3976, 5KCP39MG3977, 5KCP39MG5111, 5KCP39MG5137, 5KCP39MG5189, 5KCP39MG5668, 5KCP39MG7027, 5KCP39MG7150, 5KCP39MG7159, 5KCP39MG7169, 5KCP39MG7194, 5KCP39MG7370, 5KCP39MG7384, 5KCP39MG7401, 5KCP39MG7532, 5KCP39MG7627, 5KCP39MG7706, 5KCP39MG7909, 5KCP39MG7933, 5KCP39MG9235, 5KCP39MG9444, 5KCP39MG9502, 5KCP39MG9679, 5KCP39MG9737, 5KCP39MG9816, 5KCP39MGA398, 5KCP39MGA589, 5KCP39MGA927, 5KCP39MGB768, 5KCP39MGD368, 5KCP39MGG388, 5KCP39NG7401, 5KCP39PG9817, 603668, 63682, 70120, 71260232, 71260358, 73701, 80701, 846A800G24, 8716420100, 8726020100, 8726060100, 8726320110, 8726420100, 8726420120, 8726420130, 8736020140, 8746220110, 8746220130, 8746220221, 8746260151, 8746260230, 8746267151, 8746320110, 880017, AY5921, AY5922, AY5925, AY5926, AY5929, AY6607B, AY6754B, AY6913B, AY6920Z, AY6922B, AY6927B, AY7920C, AY7921Z, AY7923Z, AY8920Z, AY8921Z, CY6619B, CY6661B, CY6720B, CY6721B, CY6724B, CY6738B, CY6738C, CY6739K, CY6756Z, CY6767A, CY6782Z, CY6787B, CY6795Z, CY6833B, CY6951Z, D1853, D861, D869, EM3108, EM3682, F48SJ6MA26, F48SJ6MA4, F48SL6L17, F48SL6L5, F48SL6MA3, F48SL6MA8, F48SL6MB14, F48SL6MB17, F793, F797, G494, G505976, G506, G513, G519243, G538, G546, G552, HA3H011, HC41FE230, HC41LE231, HC41MX230, HC41SX230, HE3F029, HE3F292, HE3G001, HE3G002, HE3G032, HE3G129, HE3G164, HE3G195, HE3G229, HE3G268, HE3G313, HE3H001, HE3H006, HE3H019, HE3H024, HE3H027, HE3H038, HE3H051, HE3H058, HE3H097, HE3H101, HE3H193, HE3K021, K55HXNEC6830, M3117, MOT6085, MOT6090, MTR80701, P257X045, R3682, R52342, R52343, RA1036, RAC1213, RAF1314, RAK802, RE106, RE106LS, RE121, S1961341, S3091, S3108, S3682, S3910, S3912, SA1036V1, SR1036, UR71A2J2A3067, W48A11037BAS, XBL018, Y6723B








Body Length

Frame Size

Shaft Size





Item UPC/SCC Width Height Depth Weight Sell Units Per
Unit 00013
Master Case
HS Code Country Of Origin NAFTA Preference Criterion NAFTA Producer Index