Wraptite Cord 3/8″ x 25′

Wraptite Slugs & Cords are soft, permanently pliable, water-resistant sealants having a wide variety of applications. The product has the unique quality of retaining the same consistency throughout its application range of -7°C to 60°C (20°F to 140°F). Non-asbestos and non-hardening, remains flexible to -7°C (-20°F). Sealing slugs & cords are used widely in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries to seal around outer cases, behind hinges and under breaker strips. They can be used to seal out air or moisture around utility panels, cables, ducts, window frames and metal joints. This product adheres to metal, wood, glass, plastic and most clean surfaces to provide an effective barrier against water, moisture, dirt and dust. It is non-staining, non-bleeding, odorless and can be painted.


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07779800003259, 1628582, 17C35, A1206

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