Wraptite Foam Insulation Tape 1/8″ × 2″ × 30′ Roll

Wraptite Foam Insulation Tape is designed to seal, insulate and isolate vibration in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The soft, flexible, closed cell sponge tape with paper covered self-adhesive backing seals out air and moisture while reducing heat loss or transfer. Cold water pipes, valves, chilled water and refrigeration lines can be wrapped to prevent sweating or condensation while hot water pipes and pipe heaters can be wrapped to insulate against heat loss. Easily applied by hand, Wraptite Foam Insulation Tape adheres well to most clean, dry surfaces and to itself, making it possible to apply more than one layer. The formulated operating temperature of Wraptite Foam Insulation Tape is between -34°C to 82°C (-30°F to 180°F) with the ability to intermittently tolerate temperature of 98°C (210°F).


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07779800003258, 55E53, A1209

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