HD High Rise Pan™ 30in. x 50in. with Installation Kit including: One CS1200 float switch, Six 3in. x 2in. EVA™ Pads, One 6-1 3/4in. PVC male adapter.

A thicker, tougher version of our regular High Rise Pans. Each pan includes a kit with one CS1200 float switch, six EVA anti-vibration pads and one 3/4″ PVC male adapter.


Additional information

Weight 9.40 lbs
Dimensions 50.00 × 30.00 × 4.50 in


DiversiTech High Rise Drain Pans

Item UPC/SCC Width Height Depth Weight Sell Units Per
Unit 009524715466130.004.5050.009.40
Case 3009524715466234.008.5053.2547.005
Master Case
Pallet 5009524715466640.0056.0048.00369.0025
HS Code Country Of Origin NAFTA Preference Criterion NAFTA Producer Index
7604.10.3050United StatesCC