Unit Bearing, Totally Enclosed, Refrigeration Motor, 9W,230V,0.30A,1550RPM,1SP,C.W.

These Rotom 3.5 inches diameter, 51 frame, totally enclosed motors are for replacement of Morrill and EMS OEM motors commonly found in refrigeration equipment.


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Cross Reference

050001601, 050017601, 050023302, 050024103, 07779800000270, 10029, 118224, 1506912, 1506985, 1527260, 1527301, 1527326, 1527351, 1527353, 229, 240, 32878000, 34181000, 36187000, 39631002, 3M286, 3M338, 3M634, 401003001, 5421, 5K187, 5KSM51ECG3552, 5KSP51AL1011H, 5KSP51AL1014H, 5KSP51AL1020H, 5KSP51AL157H, 5KSP51AL162D, 5KSP51AL162H, 5KSP51AL162J, 5KSP51AL479H, 5KSP51AL743H, 5KSP51AL743J, 5KSP51AL979H, 5KSP51CAL212, 5KSP51CAL5, 5KSP51CAL5A, 5KSP51CAL702, 5KSP51CAL718, 5KSP51CAL719, 5KSP51CAL720, 5KSP51CAL727, 5KSP51CAL728, 5KSP51CAL733, 5KSP51CAL734, 5KSP51CL10, 5KSP51CL12, 5KSP51CL134, 5KSP51CL147, 5KSP51CL156, 5KSP51CL158, 5KSP51CL18, 5KSP51CL186, 5KSP51CL189, 5KSP51CL202, 5KSP51CL206, 5KSP51CL212, 5KSP51CL231, 5KSP51CL233, 5KSP51CL241, 5KSP51CL245, 5KSP51CL253, 5KSP51CL258, 5KSP51CL263, 5KSP51CL27, 5KSP51CL276, 5KSP51CL5, 5KSP51CL59, 5KSP51CL60, 5KSP51ECL21, 5KSP51ECL223, 5KSP51ECL277, 5KSP51ECL278, 5KSP51ECL297, 5KSP51ECL436, 5KSP51ECL552, 5KSP51ECL714, 5KSP51ECL722, 5KSP51ECL723, 5KSP51ECL725, 5KSP51ECL729, 5KSP51ECL730, 5KSP51ECL737, 5KSP51ECL739, 5KSP51ECL740, 5KSP51ECL747, 5KSP51ECL756, 5KSP51ECL757, 5KSP51ECL7635, 5KSP51EL124, 5KSP51EL125, 5KSP51EL128, 5KSP51EL131, 5KSP51EL159, 5KSP51EL161, 5KSP51EL162, 5KSP51EL164, 5KSP51EL17, 5KSP51EL171, 5KSP51EL189, 5KSP51EL21, 5KSP51EL223, 5KSP51EL225, 5KSP51EL227, 5KSP51EL23, 5KSP51EL24, 5KSP51EL253, 5KSP51EL256, 5KSP51EL260, 5KSP51EL262, 5KSP51EL266, 5KSP51EL267, 5KSP51EL276, 5KSP51EL277, 5KSP51EL278, 5KSP51EL282, 5KSP51EL294, 5KSP51EL297, 5KSP51EL299, 5KSP51EL306, 5KSP51EL32, 5KSP51EL352, 5KSP51EL354, 5KSP51EL361, 5KSP51EL369, 5KSP51EL377, 5KSP51EL386, 5KSP51EL395, 5KSP51EL447, 5KSP51EL469, 5KSP51EL474, 5KSP51EL477, 5KSP51EL479, 5KSP51EL479J, 5KSP51EL486, 5KSP51EL489, 5KSP51EL495, 5KSP51EL497, 5KSP51EL499, 5KSP51EL552, 5KSP51EL556, 5KSP51EL562, 5KSP51EL60, 5KSP51EL719, 5KSP51EL732, 5KSP51EL746, 5KSP51EL769, 5KSP51EL775, 5KSP51EL779, 5KSP51EL78, 5KSP51EL800, 5KSP51EL811, 5KSP51EL820, 5KSP51EL830, 5KSP51EL831, 5KSP51EL832, 5KSP51EL835, 5KSP51EL842, 5KSP51EL871, 5KSP51XAL712, 5KSP51XAL723, 5KSP51XAL729, 5KSPS1EL480H, 6421, 65421, 810021R, 810151R, 810152R, 810153R, 810154R, 81015R, 810201R, 81020R, 810221R, 810222R, 810223R, 810224R, 810225R, 810226B, 810227B, 81022R, 81034B, 81037B, 81071B, 81080B, 81086B, 81087B, 81088B, 81089B, 810A00G, 810A13G, 810A14G, 810A15G, 810A16G, 810A211B, 810A21B, 810A26B, 810A28B, 810E004A66, 810E006A67, 810E006A77, 810E009A71, 810E009A79, 810G006A14, 810G006A15, 810G006A23, 810G006A93, 810G009A11, 810G009A25, 810G009A95, 810G009A96, 810G009B25, 810G009B26, 810M004A03, 810M005B44, 810M005B54, 810M006A07, 810M006A18, 810M006A19, 810M006B21, 810M006B46, 810M006B56, 810M009A09, 810M009B10, 810M009B22, 810M009B28, 810M009B47, 810M009B49, 85E76, AA2C248, AA2E036, AA2E106, AA2M008, AA2M040, AA2M684, AA2MLU9, AA2P042, AJ4H136K, AK4H136K, AM4K17K, EE-5421, EM3902, EM5902, FA33AMFF199, FA33HXFH201, FA33HXFJ202, FA33HXGFD2873, FA33HXGFE2874, GE5421, JA2M126, JA2M180, JA2M263, JA2M648, MOT6261, R5421, RF110, S5421, S5612, SP9B2, SPA9MV2, SPB5055E291C1, SPB5055SE29C1, SPB505SE291C1, SPB505SE29C1, SPB5EM2, SPB5SE291C1, SPB6E2, SPB6EM2, SPB6L2, SPB6S2, SPB6SE2, SPB6SE29, SPB6SE291C2, SPB8HSE2, SPB9E2, SPB9EM2, SPB9EMR29, SPB9EMV2, SPB9L2, SPB9M2, SPB9S2, SPB9SE2, SPB9SE29, SPB9SE291C1, SPB9SE292, SPBE9EM2, SPBEP9EM2, TFM62, TFM92, TM3902, UE-240

Item UPC/SCC Width Height Depth Weight Sell Units Per
Unit 07779800027053.943.745.122.00
Case 3077798000270610.434.5311.8118.006
Master Case
HS Code Country Of Origin NAFTA Preference Criterion NAFTA Producer Index