Hurricane T Class Pad™ 36x48x4 – Shipping is Prepaid at $2000 for AL, FL & GA only. All other states ship FOB Conyers, GA.

The Hurricane T-Class Pad™ is even heavier than The Hurricane Pad™ and is designed to meet the higher wind loads of taller equipment. The taller the piece of equipment mounted to the pad, the greater the wind load on the pad. These heavier 4” pads provide sufficient weight to meet code for these taller condensing units.

Due to their extreme weight, standard freight terms for The Hurricane Pad MD only apply for shipment to FL, GA, & AL. All other shipments are shipped FOB Conyers, GA.


Additional information

Weight 250.00 lbs
Dimensions 36.00 × 48.00 × 4.00 in
Item UPC/SCC Width Height Depth Weight Sell Units Per
Unit 009524710195548.004.0036.00250.00
Master Case
Pallet 5009524710195049.0045.0037.001250.005
HS Code Country Of Origin NAFTA Preference Criterion NAFTA Producer Index
8415.90.8000United StatesCC